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Since 1978, Computer Business Solutions has been serving the IT needs of businesses in the area from our offices in Spokane Washington. As a leading Managed Service and Technology Service provider in the Inland Northwest, we take a proactive approach to system administration that is an excellent fit for small and medium size businesses. We procure competent technicians who leverage industry leading technology to support, troubleshoot, and repair services and equipment in a wide variety of industries. We also provide hardware and software solutions that fit just about any capacity and budget. The long-standing relationships we develop with our clients shows that we have the dedication and experience necessary to become your trusted partner in this constantly changing and technology driven world we are all a part of. Contact us today and see how we can help you!


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"Your (CBS's) technicians are always there and available to answer our questions. That has provided me great peace of mind!"

"We have been able to cut our IT budget in half since moving to Computer Business Solutions, and we have fewer problems now as well!"

"The new systems CBS installed are much faster and work much better than our old system. I am very pleased with the work they have done."

"The maintenance being provided by Computer Business Solution's Managed Services program has greatly decreased the number of service calls we have had to make."

"I'm so happy we moved to cloud based backups. I have one less thing to worry about now!"

"Moving to Computer Business Solutions as our MSP was a great decision!"

"Thanks to CBS, I no longer have to worry at night about whether or not our data is safe."

The staff at CBS is always great to work with. Every time I call, I am able to get through to somebody immediately!"

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Yikes! Hackers Had Access to LastPass Users’ Password Vaults

major hack affecting password manager giant LastPass appears much worse than first thought. In an update announcement two days before Christmas, LastPass CEO Karim Toubba admitted the attackers were able to successfully copy a backup of customer vault data. With that data in hand, the attackers can potentially access users’ entire collection of passwords and other data stored with LastPass if they can find a way to guess a user’s master password…

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AI-as-a-service makes artificial intelligence and data analytics more accessible and cost effective


Artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant progress in the past decade and has been able to solve various problems through extensive research. From self-driving cars to intuitive chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
 Enterprises are looking to implement a broad spectrum of AI applications, from text analysis software to more complex predictive analytics tools. But building an in-house AI solution makes sense only for some businesses, as it’s a long and complex process…

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What can the 2000 dot-com crash teach us about the 2022 tech downturn?

During a recent Twitter Space, M13 Partner Anna Barber and I looked back at the dot-com crash in search of lessons operators can use to avoid missteps founders have made in past downturns.

In our conversation, Barber spoke about how founders can better align with investors and employees while managing uncertainty, the dangers of growing too quickly and the economic, social and emotional impacts created when so many companies close their doors at once...

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