Our custom servers are built to serve the needs of businesses around the Northwest. They include top of the line processors from Intel, fault-tolerant storage, and enough memory for the most demanding tasks. We can customize our servers to meet your performance goals and configure them for serving e-mail, file sharing, database storage, and many other tasks. Open source software is available, as well as Microsoft Server 2008, 2008 R2, and Small Business Server 2011.

We can build servers to your specifications and budget, from small file-share servers to large Exchange servers that can support dozens of users. The baseline storage configuration includes RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) 1 mirroring for fault tolerance, and can be upgraded to RAID 10 with hot-spare drives for maximum uptime and fault tolerance. Solid state hard drives (SSDs) are available for fast and ultra efficient storage. We also deploy NAS (Network Attached Storage) appliances for users who need dedicated network storage.

If this isn’t your business’s first server our technicians can migrate your users and their data from an old server to newer hardware and provide training on the new platform. We strive to make the transition to a newer, more efficient platform as easy as possible.

We guarantee all server hardware for one year with full replacement, manufacturer’s warranties still apply.

Some benchmark results are below – this is how our current custom build rank against other machines, including some very high-end computers:


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