Updates & Upgrades

Computer hardware doesn’t last forever, and support for older software doesn’t either. As technology advances, taking on more efficient standards, it’s important for individuals and businesses to keep up at a pace that’s comfortable yet doesn’t mire them in old unreliable technology. We understand the pro’s and con’s of migrating from one set of software to another, and have performed many upgrades for businesses and individuals who recognize the benefits of moving their systems ahead.

Our upgrade process is methodical and practiced. We back up all data and software configurations. New systems are put in place next to the old systems, and then users and their data are migrated when ready. Just because you’re moving to a new system doesn’t mean you can’t take your data with you.

We specialize in upgrades from Windows Server 2000 and 2003 to Windows Server 2008 and SBS 2011. We can also upgrade and migrate Microsoft Exchange servers. Currently we are deploying Windows 7 desktops to many businesses who are leaving Windows XP as reaches its End of Life (EOL) and Microsoft ceases to support the software.