Security & Vulnerability Testing

Liability for loss or misuse of personal, financial, and medical data is a big concern for businesses. High profile data breaches cost millions of dollars in lawsuits and legal fees, and with new federal laws in place responsibilities for those who retain private information are increased. CBS offers system vulnerability and network penetration testing to assess the security posture of a business’s IT systems. We cover physical, network, and user security to create a snapshot of what security is in place and what improvements need to be made.

Our testing practices are non-destructive and mirror what hackers would normally do to compromise an IT system or an organization’s security. At the end of the assessment we provide a detailed report of what security is in place, what deficiencies were found, and what can be done to fix security holes. This report allows businesses to take a proactive stance on IT security before it becomes an embarrassing and costly issue.

Threats on the Internet

Internal & Wireless Threats