Running consistent data backups and keeping those files safe is one of the most crucial aspects of IT administration. Without these backups if a workstation or server hard drive fails all data may be lost permanently. This liability can be mitigated by performing regular backups and periodically testing the data to ensure its integrity. When a hardware failure does eventually occur you can feel safe knowing there is a good copy of your data ready to be restored.

Our automated backup services schedule, initiate, and report on backup operations automatically. This eliminates human forgetfulness and only requires that the data be moved offsite manually for safety. This service prevents costly downtime and data loss, and allows for quicker disaster recovery when hardware failure eventually occurs.

Computer Business Solutions uses varying products to protect our clients’ information. We are proud to be an authorized reseller of solutions like Acronis True Image, StorageCraft ShadowProtect and TGRMN’s Vice Versa software for file synchronization, replication, comparison and backup.  Click here to find out more information about their products.