A full-sized workstation is too large for some installations like on a small desk, point of sale station, or on a factory floor. We have been selling Lenovo’s small form factor platform for many years, and have found it to be an excellent solution designed to fit in small spaces and still meet high expectations. These mini-workstations are roughly 1.5″ tall, 7″ deep, and 7″ wide, but what they can do is amazing. Full 4K 2060p video, multiple monitor outputs with no extra video card, gigabit wired ethernet, 802.llac wireless, 6 USB ports – all with one small laptop style fan so the machine is nearly silent.

We’ve put these small, quiet workstations through rigorous testing to check network throughput, video quality, and operating system responsiveness and found them to be a very agile little machine. Best of all, they cost approximately the same as any other comparable configured, full-size workstations! Contact us today to obtain current pricing.